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Tattoo Removal

Our MedLite C6 laser is used for Tattoo Removal.  Colors within a tattoo are of great significance to overall treatment results.  Dark colors (black, browns, and blues) as well as red-based colors (red, orange and purple) respond best with MedLite laser treatments.  These colors (chromophores) absorb the laser light.  Green, yellow and florescent colors are not photo-thermally destroyed and, therefore, the fragmentation of these chromophores occurs by photo acoustic destruction only.  Furthermore, these colors will take longer to fade and in some instances may never resolve completely with MedLite laser treatments alone.  The age and brilliance of a tattoo will also give a clue as to the total number of treatments needed.  Older and less brilliant tattoos require fewer treatments.

Amateur tattoos:  In most cases are the easiest to remove and this can be accomplished with the least number of treatments.  Exceptions are those cases in which the ink has been deposited in the sub-cutaneous tissue.  In these instances more treatments may be necessary.  Most amateur tattoos are removed with 3 to 5 treatments but pocket areas might require more treatments.

Professional tattoos:  The majority of professional tattoos have an even distribution of ink with an even depth of placement.  Most of the ink is in the dermis with little in the subcutaneous tissue.  The quantity of ink used is grater, therefore, the number of treatments ranges from 4-8.  However some patients (about 10%) require 10 or more.  Professional tattoos may also include a greater number of colors.

After the redness subsides the pigment will still be present.  It will gradually lighten over the next 4-8 weeks.

Cost: $50.00 per inch per treatment

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