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Rose’s Corner!

It’s 2019 and I am going to try something new this Year!  

I get ask all the time what treatments do I personally use.  Well I can always say that I am the test subject for everything that Berywood offers with the exception of Tattoo Removal.  Each year I go through a series of treatments that we offer to get ready for Spring and Bathing Suit weather (may it come fast and with no rain this year), not to mention the fact that aging itself never slows down.  Which brings to mind another question-Is This Treatment Permanent?  Yes and No.  Treatments can be permanent, but even so, our bodies still continue to go through the aging process.  So therefore, its a continuous cycle of trying to stay ahead of it the best we can.

Okay, back to my Winter Make-Over.  I will be posting pictures and videos of the treatments that I receive in the next couple of months with before and afters.

Questions are welcomed.  Those can be e-mailed to me at berywoodspa@aol.com

My first treatment is schedule for this week and I will be starting with a C-Pin Treatment.  Stay tuned!

Rose Stanbery, RN

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