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Come and relax your day away with one of our many massages.

Aromatherapy Massage
Uses extracted oils  from  flowers , fruits, and herbs to enhance the massage.  You can choose unique blends of oil to be used in your massage lotion.

  • 1 Hour$55.00

Swedish Massage
Relaxes the body entirely.  Through long strokes the muscles are massaged in the direction in which the blood returns to the heart.  Thus oxygen levels in the blood are increased, muscle toxins decreased, improved flexibility and circulation, all while tension is melting away.

  • 1 Hour$55.00
  • 1½ Hour$75.00

Deep Muscle
A strong, deep, intense muscle massage used to work out problem areas.  Reduces inflammation and muscle tension that causes you pain.

  • 1 Hour$65.00
  • 1½ Hour$80.00

Hot Stone Massage
Remarkably comforting, this massage is a pampering experience.  The hot stones used loosens and relaxes tense muscles which allows our therapist to service these muscles without discomfort or pain.

  • 1 Hour$65.00

Back and Neck Only

  • ½ Hour$35.00

or Zone Therapy, applies pressure to the hands, feet, and ears.  Reflexologists claim that images of the body are reflected on the hands and feet.  Thus, work on these areas effect the rest of the body.

  • ½ Hour$35.00
  • 1 Hour$50.00

Chocolate Massage
moisturize and exfoliate your skin in a way that will make you leave craving chocolate.  Cocoa extract is full of antioxidents and magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxant.  Thus, reducing cramps (leg cramps, menstrual cramps etc) and tense muscles.

  • 1 Hour$55.00


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