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Lesions & Sclerotherapy

Spider Veins, Varicose Veins, & Sclerotherapy

Spider veins are generally small dilated blood vessels which are close to the skin’s surface. They are most common in the legs, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Spider Vein/Varicose Vein Treatment
One way to effectively treat spider and varicose veins is sclerotherapy.  In this procedure, a solution is injected directly in the desired vein or veins, which causes the veins to scar and collapse.  By collapsing the veins they can be reabsorbed into near tissue and eventually fade.

Sclerotherapy Procedure

A injection will occur for every square inch of the desired area that you want us to target. A typical treatment may consist anywhere from five to forty injections.  Forty injections may sound frightening; however a small very thin needle is used and the solution that is administered is mild which results in minimal pain.  Procedure generally lasts anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes.

Post Procedure

It is common to undergo cramping the day after the procedure.  This problem is only temporary, and usually does not call for medication.  Also know that the injected veins will begin to look worse at first before they start looking better.  Reddish and bruised areas maybe visible at the treated sites.  The bruising will go away within the month.  Intense exercising, weight lifting, standing or sitting for long periods of time, and jogging are all advised to be avoided; and to prevent clots, walking is encouraged.

The Finished Look

Your legs will look clearer, younger, and more healthy.  Be ready to extend your closet, pack up the long skirts and break out the shorter ones again!  Sclerotherapy will eliminate the targeted veins, however be aware that new ones can form in the future.  The sclerotherapy treatment doesn’t prevent new veins from emerging.
Sclerotherapy is the preferred treatment for spider veins and involves injecting a medicine into the veins which causes them to shrink. Other treatments such as ultrasound and laser therapy can also be used to help reduce the appearance of spider veins.

  • Sclerotherapy (30 min. treatment)$125


Skin Flaws

Dark Spots (Hyperpigmentation)
Dark spots are areas of the skin that become darker due sun damage, inflammation, acne, or other skin injuries. Dark spots can be removed with a pigmented lesions laser.

Age Spots (Liver Spots
Age spots are flaws on the skin associated with sun exposure or aging. Age spots can be many colors, but are most commonly red, brown, or black. They occur mostly on areas of the skin which are exposed to sunlight such as the hands, shoulders, and face. Age spots can be treated with a pigmented lesions laser.

Sunspots are small spots on the skin that appear lighter or darker in color than the surrounding skin. Sunspots are caused by excessive exposure to ultra violet rays from sunlight or tanning beds. Sunspots can be treated with a pigmented lesions laser.

Keloid Scars
A keloid scar is a raised scar that appears shiny and is firm/rubbery to the touch. These scars can be treated with an Axiom IPL (intense pulse light).

Cherry Angioma
A cherry angioma is a small red area of the skin that appears mostly on the trunk, but can occur anywhere on the body. Cherry angiomas can easily be treated with vascutouch.

  • Vascutouch 20 min. Treatment Cherry angiomas$85.00
  • Pigmented Lesions Laser Age spots, Liver spots, Sun spots$100-$500


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