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Permanent Make-up

Permanent makeup (also called micro-pigmentation) is the process of enhancing your facial features to highlight your natural beauty by applying makeup pigments that won’t wash off.

Why Use Permanent Makeup?
It is not uncommon for people to squint their face when applying and removing makeup.  This can cause the makeup application and removal process to cause premature wrinkles to form on your face.

Permanent makeup also saves time because your makeup is always perfect and will not require reapplication.

Permanent makeup is also popular among individuals who have small scars or other blemishes that they would like to permanently camouflage.

Is Permanent Makeup Painful?
Permanent makeup is much less invasive than tattoo sessions.  The needle used is designed differently and is much smaller which allows the color to blend better with your natural skin color.  Most people can tolerate the minor pain easily, however if you are sensitive to pain you may want a topical anesthetic applied to your skin to help numb the area where the makeup is being applied.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?
The length of time permanent makeup lasts is dependent upon your skin type, the colors you choose, and the number of sessions you have.  Generally the makeup will last for 7-10 years.

***We no longer have an in-house tech that performs Permanent Makeup, however, we work closely with Ginger Mullin who we highly recommend.  Her information is listed.

***10% Off if you mention that you found her on Berywood’s Website!

  Permanent Costmetics by




   Top & Bottom……….$300
   Top Only……………….$200
  Bottom Only………….$200
   Full Lip Color……….$400
   Lip Liner………………$300
Permanent Makeup Corrections…..$varies
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